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Last updated: 16th October 2016

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West Devon Recycling

Ever wondered what happens to your recycling when you put it out? I have heard people say "waste of time sorting out our recycling - it just gets dumped like everything else." No it doesn't! Recycling helps to keep our council tax down for a start, plus [I think] it is terrible to just keep dumping stuff that can be re-used.

So here are two links. The first goes straight to a video clip about food-waste collections, which have jut started in Buckland Monachorum. The second goes to a recylcing webpage, where you can view several video clips about where our recycling goes. Just click on the "Recycling Trail Films" below the "TV Adverts" heading on the left.

Food waste:

Paper/bottles/cans etc: (sadly this no longer works - June 2015)

And remember: If we don't look after our planet, where are we going to live?

Stephen Fryer

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