Hiring the Village Hall

Buckland Monachorum Village Hall is available for hire to any group or individual. Certain conditions apply and a written copy of these is available on request. The Hall is licensed for 150 standing or 99 seated. The Hall also has an entertainment and theatre licence and a de-mountable stage is available on request, (this will be erected and dismantled by Hall staff only).

The Hall has a large Kitchen with a commercial dishwasher and range cooker (click here for views of the kitchen) . There is restaurant quality crockery, cutlery and damask tablecloths for up to 108 people. If hiring the kitchen, you will need to supply your own chef's knives and pots and pans.

If you wish to supply drinks at your event, you will need to provide your own glasses. These are generally available free from wine merchants etc when purchasing wine etc.

Please check with the Hall's Bookings Secretary and West Devon Borough Council for the latest information on what licences are required for your proposed event.


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Main Hall & Kitchen


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Casual Hire



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1. Discos, Parties and Musical Events in the evenings will attract a deposit of £150.00, to cover the cost of breakage of equipment or damage to the Village Hall premises.
2. Booking solely for commercial purposes or for commercial discos is not permitted under the rules of our Charitable status

The Management Committee reserve the right to alter
these charges without prior notice

Alcohol in the Village Hall – Licensing arrangements 2009:

Advice to Hirers.

The Hall is licensed for Public Entertainment and Theatre Performances (150 Standing, 99 seated).

Potential hirers need to be clear as to the legally prescribed position re events at which alcohol is available.

A new licensing Act came into force in November 2005 and the Hall Premises Licence does not cover the supply or sale of alcohol to the Public at any event in the Hall.

However, alcohol may be consumed at occasions such as Quiz Nights, where members of the public bring their own alcoholic beverage, or at a strictly Private Party, where guests receive prior invitation and attend free of charge, and where all alcohol consumed is supplied free of charge by the Host – It is NOT permissable to ask for 'donations' or other monetary contribution, under any circumstance, towards the cost of the alcohol.

If alcohol is to be sold or provided as part of the entrance fee, then a Temproary Event Notice (TEN) must be applied for from West Devon Borough Council. Please ensure that your booking has been accepted before applying! N.B. The Hall is only allowed to have 12 TENs covering 15 days in any twelve months (Jan to Dec).

Any hirer wishing to run an event where alcohol is supplied either for sale or by the hirer as an integral part of the event  - (and therefore effectively purchased by the entry charge) must:

1. Contact the Hall Booking Secretary to register their wish to hold an event at which alcohol will be for sale. The Booking Secretary will confirm if enough TENs remain.

2. Then obtain a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) in advance, by application to West Devon Borough Council (The Licensing Authority). This currently costs £21. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to obtain this Notice.

3. Provide a copy of the duly endorsed TEN(s) for the Committee to have sight of, at least one month prior to the event taking place, to confirm the booking.

Guidance information and the TEN forms, (required in duplicate by West Devon - with another copy for the Police), are available in Microsoft Word format on the West Devon Borough  Council Website at: www.westdevon.gov.uk

As mentioned above, the Hall is limited under the new licensing regulations to 12 such Events per year – covering a maximum of  15 days.

The TEN application form requires the Hirer to nominate an individual as the Premises User – who will:

Ø     be present throughout the Event

Ø     be responsible for adherence to all the conditions listed in the notes which are attached to the TEN application form

Ø     ensure that the endorsed copy of the TEN is displayed in the Hall during the event.

( Note: Where the intention is to supply alcohol for consumption on the premises, then the Premises User must ensure that no person leaves the premises with alcohol supplied in the Hall.)